ACOP COMPONENTS is an Italian company that manufactures
wooden and lacquered doors for the furniture industry.
Founded in 1979 in Pasiano di Pordenone, in the heart of the Alto Livenza Furniture District,
ACOP has grown over time, becoming a reference point in the furnishing component sector,
recognized for the quality service it provides to its customers.
The pillars on which ACOP is founded are Innovation, Attention to Detail,
and enhancement of Human Capital.


At ACOP, we continuously focus on innovating our products and production processes. The entire production process is carried out internally, from product design to delivery. This enables us to maintain complete control over production, developing efficient and sustainable work methodologies. Thanks to this, ACOP ensures its customers consistent quality standards and maximum flexibility.


Attention to detail is what defines a quality product and captivates the end consumer. Focusing on detail means ensuring that every component is created with care and precision to enhance the product’s aesthetic qualities and functionalities. That’s why at ACOP we have placed attention to detail at the core of our working method.


At ACOP, every single collaborator becomes a promoter of improvement and is actively involved in every phase of the production process. The expertise of our professionals is what enables us to provide the best service for our clients. That’s why we con3nuously invest in the growth and loyalty of our staff.